Vizion 14×17 DR Panel

$29,000.00 $24,999.00

Features include:

  • Advanced GOS technology. The wireless DR panel uses the latest generation gadolinium (GOS) technology.
  • Unparalleled durability. Considering the frequent and fast-paced handling of wireless panels, the ViZion 14×17 Wireless DR panel was developed with robust durability to better sustain falls and water exposure than most panels.
  • Drop reporting system. To ensure proper, careful handling and accountability from DR panel users, an integrated reporting system emails administrators when it has been dropped — including details of the height and time of the fall.


The  ViZion 14×17 Wireless DR Panel is available for both new imaging environments as well as to retrofit existing rooms. With its ISO 4090 cassette size, the ViZion Wireless DR panel is designed to fit into any standard bucky and is ideal for easy, efficient adoption and use. The seamless integration into existing x-ray rooms allows for the panel to immediately improve workflow and benefit productivity.


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