Radmedix Acuity 14×17 Wireless DR Panel

Slim Cassette size 14×17″ Detector
Highly reliable and stable operation
High definition by direct deposition CsI
WiFi image transfer
Fast image acquisition time less than 3 Seconds
AED – Automatic Exposure Detection.
Wireless Interface
AccuVueMED Acquisition Workstation (UserPC)
Multi-channel Room Sharing Interface



The Radmedix Acuity 14×17 Wireless DR Panel is a complete wireless, cassette sized X-Ray detector. It can easily transform any existing conventional x-ray room into an efficient Digital Radiology suite. It is portable and lightweight design requires no bulky modification and easily integrates with any manufactures original equipment. The Radmedix Acuity 14×17 Wireless DR Panel delivers unmatched image quality just seconds automatic exposure detection, making it a perfect solution for practices seeking to upgrade their existing x-ray room at a cost effective price. This versatile, Wireless DR Detector allows for quick and easy integration and multi-purpose clinical applications.


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